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Answers to brief questions

What is a landing page?

A landing page aka micro-site is a mini website and landing pages are used to segment your product or message from the rest of the pages on the site. The landing page is dedicated to the product or concept it is selling and it contains supporting documents and pages based around it. The pages sole purpose has to support the main concept or theme.
The landing page can be accessed via a link added onto another page, like an extension onto the intial page the user is looking at and relevant to the advertisement or link.
The idea behind a landing page is for the user to access concentrated information about a specific concept or item, and to convert interface users into sale leads. Marketers can also monitor the interest of the landing page through analyzing viewer activity and click-through rates, which will determine the success of the ad.

What product is the landing page for?

The landing page is for the Logitech m600 mouse. The concept around the m600 mouse is that users can navigate around interfaces using touch surface instead of clicking buttons. Other features include Flow Scroll software that enables users to experience the same sensation of scrolling that can be experienced when using a touch-screen Smartphone. The mouse is ambidextrous for easy usability; the mouse itself is designed with smooth edges for a sophisticated finish and designed with comfort curves to fit in the palm of your hand.

How many landing pages do we need to create?

There can be stages to the landing pages development, much like drip advertising for the product. For example the first landing page to be launched prior to m600 mouse being available could be for creating awareness about the product, highlighting when the product is on the market and encouraging anticipation for the items arrival onto the market. A second landing page could replace the original design and can consist of testimonials that act to reinforce the products credibility of real consumers who have bought and are impressed with the product with a ‘Buy Now’ ‘Available Now’ theme. So, there would be two landing pages needed for each website the landing page is featured on, with the first landing page ; ‘coming soon’; being replaced by the second one; ‘buy now’.

Decipher what the client is asking for in the brief?

The client is requesting the creative team to design the interface for a landing site, promoting the new Logitech M600 mouse. The client has established that there are two designs required, one promoting ‘coming soon 15th April 2012’ and another promoting ‘Buy Now’. This landing page will be attached to three websites but with different logo tags:, and

For continuity, the client wishes to keep the same colours incorporated with the mouse on both pages, with the same ‘New and Exclusive’ message. The client has established that they would like the body copy of the interface to be at the lower end of the landing page, and the page must incorporate multiple photographs of the mouse and the product in use.
The feature text has been supplied already, and the client wants a “pre-order now” call to action button button on the coming soon site and a ‘Buy now’ call to action button on the second site.

Think about what the client is expecting from the creative and what should be visually executed?

Initially, conceptual sketches will be drawn by the creative team to establish a layout format for the first and second site. Multiple layout formats and styles will be experimented with and a small selection of 2D graphic templates will be presented to the client for initial feedback. At the early stages, it will be important for the creative team to establish that their visual concepts match those of the clients’ expectations, and to ensure the creative team haven’t wandered off from the brief.

After these sketches are reviewed and feedback is given, the creative team will turn these sketches into digital dummy pages to demonstrate how the interface would flow. This process will better illustrate how the audience will link the relationship of each element on the page together (e.g. from text to images). This process may be the longest as the client will be updated with developments and required to give feedback on the pages development. The creative team will adapt any areas the client isn’t pleased with from the text size to the colour of the font.

List down any information that you might be missing from the brief which you will need to successfully complete this project?
– The price of the product.
– Can we have full access to photographs of the item in use to select the best visual pieces for the pages?
– Would the client like anything else mentioned on the body copy? Do we have creative license over the body copy used except the text that has already been supplied? – is there a headline or a subhead line the client would like the creative team to use?
– Pre-order now, Buy it now – where can the customer receive this product? Will it be reserved in their local store or sent directly to their home? Is there a delivery charge for this item? Would it be advisable to include a ‘find your local branch now’ page so the customer can go and see a demonstration of the mouse in real life?
– Can we have access to any testimonials to encourage product credibility? This is especially important when consumers participate in high-involvement purchases.
– Does the client want the landing page to reference the original website? For example, does the client want there to be a link that reverts the user back onto the original website, or does the client want to encourage viewer traffic to another webpage?
– Swatches – can we have the list of colours the client would like the creative team to use?
– Does the client want the ‘call to action’ button to stand out from the rest of the interface? After all, the call to action button is considered the most important element to the webpage as the brand tells the audience what they would like them to do next.
– Does the client want a section of the landing page where the audience can sign up for marketing material for the product or brand?

Once you have all your information, what do you think is the next step?

After receiving answers from our questions, the creative team would like to begin the initial conceptual sketches, defining the layout and format of the two landing pages.

Further problems with the brief/revisions to be made:

Mostly all aspects important to the client have been covered, we already know what the ‘call to action’ buttons are and how the site aims to movitate the consumer. We already know the colour schemes, so the only addition possible is if there could be an exact swatch to get the corporate colours perfect on screen. We know the date of the product launch, and we know that the ‘coming soon’ page goes live asap, we don’t know the price, we know the USP. Creatives need all the visuals such as photographs and a better idea of what bodycopy to include, we need to know whether or not we have free license of this or is it restricted.


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