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Zumba Fitness 2

There are various opportunities for in-game advertising within ‘Zumba Fitness 2’, the audience for this game is predominantly females but there are no real socio-economic group restrictions or age within reason of the players. The main brands that would work well for this game include Pineapple, isontonic energy drinks such as Lucozade and clubs along with the drinks that are sold within them such as Smirnoff Vodka, Martini, Malibu and Bacardi. In using the club scene it allows new drinks brands to establish themselves in the minds of the consumers when launching into the drinks market. It is a good platform for the new female Lynx to create brand awareness, as those keeping fit need a reliable anti-perspirant but also those dancing or doing Zumba want to feel sexy, so Lynx is an ideal brand. Finally, in the background of scenes various hotel chains could be used as part of the skyline, such as Travelodge, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn, as females often enjoy ‘girls nights out’ in which they sometimes stay over and these budget hotels are key places for them to stay.

Pineapple could be worn by the dancers in the videos or a Pineapple dance bag could be carried into the scene by the dancer. On purchase of the game, a voucher for Pineapple could be given to the consumer with perhaps 10% off their next purchase or a free Pineapple keyring when they buy the game.

Lucozade could be carried into the dance scene by the dancers; they could walk into the scene drinking it and then place it down before they begin to dance. Lucozade could also be involved with Zumba by offering an exclusive free track download for the game (a track with an exclusive routine); such as a remix of ‘Did It Again’ by Shakira ft. Kid Kudi remix or ‘On The Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull; or an exclusive scene which with it brings a new background and dance.

Clubs such as Ministry of Sound, Fire and Vauxhall could be used as backgrounds for new scenes. This in turn allows alcoholic drinks such as Smirnoff Vodka, Martini, Malibu and Bacardi to appear in the background. The drinks could offer codes on the inside of bottle labels for consumers to download these club scenes.

Lynx could be used in the same way as Lucozade in that it is carried into the scene and used by the dancers.

Hotels such as Travelodge, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn could be easily placed as static integrations within the skyline of various scenes. They would then appear in the background and be associated with having a good time and dancing.


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When ignoring the laws set against it on Fifa 2012, there are many opportunities for in-game advertising. The main audience for Fifa 2012 are males who enjoy watching and sometimes playing sports. A typical male watching a sports game enjoys beer and takeaways. Someone who plays sports would respond to sportswear brands and sporting events being advertised.

With this in mind, brands that are suited for advertisement could include; Nike, Adidas, beer brands such as Fosters and Carling, Dominos pizza, energy drinks such as Powerade, the 2012 Olympics and sporting charity event Sports Relief.

On presumption that there is already advertising around the pitch and on the players kits, advertising could be placed in the crowd. When a goal is scored the players run towards the crowd in celebration and members of the public are shown, they could be drinking a Fosters or Carling or wearing Adidas or Nike clothing. On this view of the crowd, there could be a Dominos pizza employee handing out free pizza samples and/or leaflets to the spectators.

When the players leave the pitch they could be given drinks and these could be bottles of Powerade. The coach that hands them the drinks could also be wearing Adidas or Nike and give them towels to wipe the sweat away with these brands on too.

Finally, a streaker could run onto the pitch and the security guards that remove him could have clothing that bears the 2012 Olympics logo. The towel or dressing gown they wrap him in could then have the Sports Relief logo on it.

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CityVille is predominantly played on Facebook by housewives and mothers. Therefore the main brands that could use in-game advertising for CityVille are; home services such as gas and electricity suppliers eOn, British Gas, nPower and EDF Energy, supermarkets like ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco could be used, furniture stores like Argos, Harveys and DFS, DIY stores like B&Q and Homebase, toy store Toys R US, popular family cars could feature such as Citroen Picasso, Vauxhall Zafira, Fiat Multipla, Renault Scenic and Ford C-Max and as they already featured in FarmVille – McDonalds.

The obvious way to get stores into CityVille is to make them available to build/purchase in the game. For home services, customers of the different companies could enter  their online account customer reference number and unlock different items for play in the game, which in turn displays on their Facebook page that they just unlocked the items because they are a customer of that particular company.

On scoring so many points on the game, players could be given a voucher for their chosen store, which would again show up on their Facebook page, encouraging others to play to win the vouchers. McDonalds could give codes on the boxes of Happy Meals which enable you to get specific items, the ultimate item being a McDonalds restaurant, which would encourage multiple purchases of Happy Meals.

All the companies could be advertised via static adverts in the game, whereby certain buildings that are placed on the game come complete with billboards already on the side of them, featuring the companies’ adverts. The cars could be advertised as they travel along the roads in they city. A supermarket lorry could also travel by along the roads.

Finally, a helium advertising balloon; a zepplin; could be floating in the sky with a company’s logo on it.

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Motorstorm RC

Motorstorm RC is mainly males of a younger age and lower socio-economic group. The main brands that could be used for in-game advertising include; car tyres such as Firestone, Pirelli or Michelin, breakdown services like the AA or RAC, car cleaning products such as Turtle Wax, car stores like Halfords, track days, cars and other car games such as Need For Speed and also budget airlines – low cost travel for lads’ holidays.

Aside from the obvious in-game advertising on the sides of cars and overhead on the track there are other opportunities for advertising. Car tyre brands could be incorporated by the car itself having the tyre brand on it, or the mechanics could be holding the branded tyres ready in case a tyre needs to be changed. A static placement could be a stack of tyres that act as a crash barrier.

Breakdown services could simply be a recovery truck or van parked alongside the track with either the AA or RAC on it. Mechanics could use Turtle Wax to clean the cars whilst they are waiting on the starting grid and in the background whilst you choose which game/track/car to play with.

Halfords could be advertised via a parachute. Whilst the game is in progress and the player is racing around the track, a parachuter could be descending in the sky, and his parachute has Halfords written on it. Track days could be advertised on the pit-stop garages. Above the doors there could be an advert ‘want to drive on this track?’ with a website address telling you how you can do so written underneath it.

Crowd members could be used to advertise other car games by wearing the merchandise for them, such as T-shirts and caps. Budget airlines could be advertised by an aeroplane flying in the sky over the track whilst the player is racing around the track.

Finally, achievements and ‘easter eggs’ could be used in the game. Achievements, such as winning so many races, scoring so many points, lap times could be rewarded with medals and trophies which could then be the Ryan Air Gold Trophy or the Michelin Speed Award. Codes could be put on bottles of Turtle Wax or in track day voucher packs for ‘easter eggs’ which then unlock a new track, location, condition etc.

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Brief and initial ideas

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