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Future Marketing ideas for product

Marketing Strategies
Simulator Games: Potential customers could download a free mini-simulator game over PSN or Xbox Live in order to create a buzz about what it was like to fly in one of the cars. This would be released soon after the release of a high-selling car simulator game as part of its extra content. This would reach a vast market, and be mutually beneficial in generating interest for both cars and games because they would be racing on the tracks provided by the simulator game.

Advergames: A simulation game would appear as part of a normal advert break, in which people can interact using their Kinect/ Wii etc. and experience a small taste of what it’d be like to drive the car itself- if they do not own a games console, the advert would play a generic simulation video. Would also be more effective on 3D televisions and could include a 3D render of the car.

Full size 3D Holographic Models: A full size hologram of the car would be set up in capital cities so that people could explore all aspects of the car without actually having to transport one of the very expensive cars to the area. These could be easily set up to reach a global audience and would reach the high socio-economic class of the target market.

YouTube Videos: Test drive videos could be put onto YouTube and advertisements for these (along with the free simulator game) could be put onto forum websites to arouse interest in the new car.

Guerrilla Advertisement: Competition for the general public
The car is hovering at top level above the city has a clue to a location on it; either a logo or an anagram of a place; and the public have to work out what it is and use their teleport app on their headsets (new mobile phones, like hands-free but whole phone is in it) to go to the location. The first 5 people there get the chance to win one of the cars.  An image will then be projected of the competitors into the five main cities in the UK; London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Within 15 minutes, people have to say the name of the person they want to win into their headsets and say “laser to Icarus” to vote for the person they think should win. Laser is the new Bluetooth/Infra-Red. This can be repeated in the main cities of the world; New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Beijing and Moscow.

Other competition: This competition is mainly for businessmen, people who would potentially be able to afford the car anyway.
A businessman’s desk is his new iPad. Instead of ‘like’ pages on Facebook, there are now “Blocks”. These can be any size, shape or colour; customised by you according to how much you want them to stand out; on your desk and appear on the so-called Homepage at all times. The competitors have to create a Block for the new car and get as many people to “Hit” their Block, e.g. clients, friends, family. Person with the most “hits” gets a discount on their purchase of the car. The company will be notified automatically of the winner, as the person’s fingerprints are registered to their desk. No duplicate hits can occur as everyone’s fingerprints are registered as part of their ID cards at birth – which are consequently linked with every applicable database in the country.


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Future Product

Description of product: The first model of a special edition electric flying car: the Icarus.
Limited distribution: Only 100 in the world.
Can be used for both busy city and rural roads.
Designed to be driven between hovering height and 30 metres off the ground so as to avoid traffic.
Top speed of 316mph
Aerodynamic, carbon fibre shell designed for responsive and smooth handling
No restrictions on speed from weather, traffic, or tyre friction
Nano-fibre structure ensures safety, particularly when flying at high speeds
Custom made to every client’s needs
The inflated equivalent of £2 million in 2012.

USP is the fact that it isn’t restricted to weather conditions, avoids traffic, performance isn’t affected by tyre friction and it is powered by hydrogen.

Final design – by commissioned artist James Barrie ( :

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Brief and first ideas

Drafts of car are done by commissioned artist James Barrie – other work can be found at:

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