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Oca-Loca Press Conference

Oca-Loca is a carbonated soft drinks production company who recently announced the closure of their factory in Badwindton, UK to relocate production to Dong Guan, China. This happens since the severe decrease in revenue last year due to a crisis in Belgium where 100+ school-children fell ill from drinking Oca-Loca drinks.

Press Release

Press Invitation


Welcome Note

Speech to be delivered by PR Manager

Speech by the Operations Director


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Mock Press Conference

We had to conduct a press conference on behalf of a fictional case study. The case study was of a company called Bosco’s. They had supposedly been exposed for making their ethical fairtrade brand ‘No Logo Needed’ in sweatshops in Vietnam. Then there was “breaking news” that there had been a fire in their Indonesian factory in which 140 workers were killed. We had to act as the in-house PR for Bosco’s and call a press conference to defend the company.

Here are the items from our mock press conference press pack:




Welcome Note


Mr Tsuyoshi Kawakami’s statement

Patrick McDonald’s statement

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