7 Up

Inspired by the ITV1 documentary ’56Up’, this page will be my own 7Up in the style of ITV’s.  Details of ITV1’s show can be found here: http://www.itv.com/news/2012-05-14/56-up-the-lives-documented-on-camera/

The show asked the inviduals about the same aspects of their lives on each occassion. These included; education or work. relationships, friends, hopes for the future, family and how they felt about life in general.

Since this is not done at the time of being 7 years old, it makes it more difficult but it is still possible to remember some aspects of my life at 7.

Education: At 7 I was in year 2 of my infant school and it was the May before the September of which I would move into junior school. I was excited about moving up another year, but also apprehensive as it was a new school I was going to, despite the fact it was just over the fence from my current school. Two distinctive memories of year 2 were firstly, before the Easter break we were asked to write out the Easter story and illustrate it. For some reason I did not enjoy this, for one I cannot draw so this aspect of it displeased me. I also did not like it as I found I was behind everyone else in their progress of completing the task and it sticks in my mind vividly that I never did finish that piece of work. This I now know is because I am a perfectionist. The second memory of year 2 is our SATs exams, these were to assess how well we had progressed through infant school. I remember sitting around the tables in the classroom and trying tp remember everything I had learnt, there were no lengthy revision periods for these exams. I remember feeling I had done well, my results proved this and I think this is the point I realised I was one of the ‘clever children’.

Relationships: Well at age 7 there is surprisngly a lot to tell! I had “been out” with a boy in year 1 and the same boy again in year 2. And by “been out” with I mean our definition was a declaration of “that’s my boyfriend/girlfriend” and playing together in the playground was pretty much all it consisted of. I “dumped” him though in year 2 because there was another boy I liked, except he wouldn’t go out with me (he was very snobbish) so I went back out with the same boy again until the end of the year, when I “dumped” him again because I didn’t want a boyfriend going into junior school incase there were any other boys I liked in there!

Friends: I had the same group of friends since I began infant school and we always had occassional fall-outs, what children don’t? I liked everyone in the class, we all got along but I had a group of best friends. One of the girls even spoke for one of the other girls, she decided that she was so shy she wouldn’t talk so in class so one of my friends had to speak for her. This resulted in my friend being moved classes when we got to year 2, not the one that didn’t speak but the one that was doing the speaking. This meant it fell to me to talk for her now. But the three of us still played together in the playground and we had our own game called ‘Alisons’. It was a kind of sequel/series, as every playtime we would continue it, with getting married, having children, getting a new job etc.

Hopes for the future: At this age I wanted to have a good teacher in my next year at school, for my friend who had been moved classes to be moved back next year and to learn so much more in school! I think at this point I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

Family: There was me, my mum and my dad in our family. My nan and grandad often came round to see us and picked me up from school a lot, which I loved!

Life in general: At 7 I would say I enjoyed life a lot. I had a good group of friends, loved school and loved the activities I did out of school. I had lessons in dance and swimming and went to Brownies (of which I had just begun), my friends were always at mine to play.

Me aged 7.

This is also not done at aged 14, but I can clearly remember being this age.

Education: At 14 I was just coming to the end of year 9. This was the year in which I chose my options for my GCSE’s. Compulsary subjects were English Literature and Language – which I would have chosen anyway – Mathematics, Science, ICT and RE. I chose History for my short course as it was that or Geography – which I hated! I later wished I’d chosen Geography as the new teacher for it was gorgeous!! I chose Media Studies, Drama and French for my main choices. Media Studies was always going to be chosen as media was where I had wanted to work since I was 11. Drama I chose because I enjoyed the writing side of it, the creating of the drama pieces. The end of year piece in year 9 saw our group do a piece on Footballers’ Wive$. We all played characters that were from the real ITV drama series (I was Tanya Turner), but I made up our own storyline. Our piece involved Tanya being involved with a crime and the audience did not know how involved she was. We staged the whole court case and then when all the evidence had been given, the person playing the judge closed the curtains on the stage area and asked our classmates to raise their hand as to deliver a guilty or not guilty verdict to which we then acted out the appropriate ending. I cannot remember the verdict but I do remember my friend shooting me with my other friend’s umbrella that was popped open by the press of a button – inventive gun choice I know! French was chosen after some deliberation, I wanted to do Child Development but knew French was the right choice. The only real reason for doing Child Development was to have an electronic baby! So in the end I chose, in a bargain with one half of my friends, French. (Consequently, my friends in the Child Development class persuaded the teacher to let me have one of the electronic babies and I did on multiple occassions – scoring 100% everytime!) In general I still enjoyed school.

Relationships: I had my first “proper” boyfriend. What happened at 7UP carried on through junior school, I had different boyfriends from my class, one prominant one (different to the previous favourite as he left our school in after year 3) and three others (I think it was). I had another boyfriend in year 7, but that lasted about two weeks because I could simply not be bothered! This one though at 14 was my first love and lasted four months. (This was actually in year 10 at school, but I was still 14).

Friends: I still pretty much had the same group of friends with the exception of two. One left our school in year 7 claiming that  me and one of my other friends were “bullying” her, this was not true, she just wanted to leave so she could re-invent herself somewhere else and had to come up with an excuse and the second friend went to another high school. The one who I spoke for in 7Up left school when we were in year 4 but I still continued to see her outside of school. In a progression from ‘Alisons’ me and two of my friends would now use my dad’s and then my own video camera to record ‘soaps’. We began with Coronation Street, taking real characters and forming our own storylines, then Footballers’ Wive$ and then we moved onto our own called ‘Star City’, that was mine and the friend who left school in year 4’s. Whereas me and the one who used to talk for her carried on with Footballers’ Wive$ before moving onto various shows entitled ‘School Days, Adult Ways’, ‘Cats’, and various others that I cannot remember the titles of. After ‘Star City’ we moved onto ‘Model Life’ from 2003 which by 2005 was still going strong and would become an integral part of our lives. I created the storylines, we acted them out on camera and then I recorded/edited them onto video tape. In conjunction to this, we also created a supposed band called ‘Bad Girls’ of which we rehearsed various dance routines and song lyrics. The dance routines were choreographed by me mostly, but some were learnt by me from the Girls Aloud tour DVD’s or their performances and relayed to my friend. We split lyrics between us and sung our lines in our dances and recorded “albums” using my karaoke machine. I created the track listings and album artwork. We then decided which songs we would “release” and “singles” and I devised a “video” which we then recorded in my camcorder and I edited/recorded onto video tape. We also did “tours”, I would create tour dates, a set list, record our songs onto a “tour CD” and plan costumes, we would rehearse multiple days a week and it would culminate in an intense day with my video camera in my living room of which we would record our supposed “concert”. I would then edit/record them onto tape. These things I enjoyed immensely and as I said were an integral part of our lives.

Hopes for the future: At this point I wanted to work in television production without a doubt. My choices for my GCSE’s reflected this and I wanted to be successful in this.

Family: My family were still the same as at 7Up, with no brothers and sisters.

Life in general: Life at 14 was good, I spent my time out of school being thoroughly embedded in ‘Model Life’, ‘Bad Girls’ or whichever soap me and my other friend were inventing next (we could never make one stick). I still danced but had given up swimming and after a year at Guides I had left that too.

Aged 14.

21 up





Education: At age 21 I have just graduated from Coventry University with a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Advertising and Media. And what a journey it has been in education since 14Up. I gained 10.5 GCSE’s; A in Media Studies, BB in dual award Science, B in English Literature, B in English Language, B in Mathematics, B in French, B in ICT, B in RE, C in Drama and a B in short course History. I then went onto sixth form college where I achieved 3 A-Levels and one AS-Level; A in Sociology, B in English Literature, B in Media Studies and a D in AS-Level Use Of Maths. For my A-Level grades I received a scholarship to university which, upon achieving a 2:1 average at the end of each year, was renewed annually. College was not my favourite time, but none-the-less I knew I wanted to go to university so I got through it and got my A-Levels. Looking back, it was a better experience than I had perhaps given it credit. University arrived in September 2009 with mixed feelings, I chose not to live there so that made me more nervous. But, I made some brilliant friends and everyone on my course was lovely! My coursework is well documented on my blog (uni is the reason this blog was created) so no need to go into much details of what I did there, but we had some good trips; Cadbury World, Brands&Packaging Museum; I made some coursework I am proud of, and we had some good times, of which I hope they will continue. I graduated in the cathedral in Coventry. Now I am studying for my MSC Marketing, which began in October 2012 and ends in September 2013. For a start I really wasn’t glad that I had taken the course, I didn’t enjoy it at all. But after the Christmas break, with new modules I am really enjoying it. I have some lovely friends and we are making good memories. I am glad that I chose my course now, it is what I need to be doing really. For the jobs I look at applying for, I needed a qualification in Marketing, of which I did not have, but now I soon will, so I can apply for the jobs I really want.

Relationships: Currently single. At 17, three years after we were first together I entertained the idea of getting back together with my high school boyfriend, but it wasn’t meant to be. Through the second year and some of third year of uni I had a boyfriend, not from uni, from home. We were on and off (Rachel and Ross from Friends!) for a year. I thought I was in love at 14, but I was more so this time around.

Friends: I still have the same group of friends pretty much since I left school. With, as I write now, the exception of a couple. We have some amazing times. For my 16th birthday we visited Star City in Birmingham dressed as schoolgirls! For my 18th birthday we went to London and saw Grease the musical, which started my love affair with musicals. We have consequently seen other musicals and some plays. We have been on road trips, shopped around the country, and the capital. For my 21st we visited Paris; we went up the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe and found a favourite bar! We are currently counting down to a weekend in Newcastle and a week in Barcelona! My friends from uni shared my 21st with me also, with a trip to London to ride the London eye, which was amazing. I love going places with all my friends, and am sure we will still keep in contact, we make sure we see each other at least once a month, because it’s important. We’re different now in the things we do, now we’re travelling the country and will continue to travel the world, until we get married and have children and then I guess we’ll be sharing toys.

Hopes for the future: My dream job is still to work in television. But I know that’s difficult, so I shall be content with marketing. I hope that I will work as a marketing manager for a top company or for a television channel. My other hopes for the future include buying a house, getting married and possibly children.

Family: I lost my nan (dad’s mum) when I was 15 and more recently my grandad (mum’s dad) in August 2012.

Life in general: Life at 21 is pretty good. I’m looking towards the future, have lots to look forward to and already this year have enjoyed so much. Here’s to the next 7!










Me aged 21.


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