Lynx television advert

The concept around the Lynx TV advertisement was endorsing gender stereotypes and making a light-hearted role-reversed advert. The creative team looked to take a typical concept “spray this and the women will want you” and turn it in the woman’s advantage where you can “spray this and the man will notice you”. In this advertisement the woman is clearly seeking attention from her male partner, who is distracted and engrossed in his Xbox game. He acknowledges her briefly but ignores her signals and continues with his game.
In the next frame we see her leave the room, irritated and disappointed, the next still see’s her rummaging through her bedroom drawers for something more aesthetically pleasing to wear.
After rummaging through her drawers and finding nothing, she finally strips down into her underwear and sprays “Lynx for women” across her body. She returns into the main living room in front of her partner who instantly takes notice of her presence.

The concept echoes many girlfriends’ thoughts about their gaming partners, and during this gamer-mode nothing except food and needing to urinate will get them out of their chair and away from the TV. We looked to use Lynx as an ice-breaker between the two genders, who are both sexual beings, with similar needs. The only difference is women’s sexual needs aren’t necessarily so bluntly put forward, however that aspect in itself will attract male viewers as well as women broadening the consumer spectrum.


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