3 Festival Stand

The 3 phone network aims to challenge the way that people use their mobiles and think of innovative ways for people to use their phone networks to make their mobiles more enjoyable. This needs to be reflected in the stands for 3 which we are to be set up at festivals (for the purpose of these examples we use Reading Festival). We came up with some fresh ideas which will help 3 to advertise and market to new potential customers:

1) A lot of people enjoy taking photographs at festivals and so we could offer a professional photograph which would then be uploaded to the 3 Facebook page. Alike to those taken in nightclubs, they would have the 3 logo and “Reading Festival” in the corner which would then be seen by the friends of people tagged in the photos.

2) A giant inflatable number 3 will be thrown into the crowd, which will then start to surf over the crowd so that when people watch the festival on television or on the big screens they will be reminded of the brand again, which mean low-cost television advertising as well as fun for people at the festival.

3) The data challenge- we challenge the festival public to try to use all of the minutes, internet data and calls available on the free Sim cards we provide throughout the festival time period (3 days): the people who use most will win the first few months of their next 3 contract completely free. This will help spread word that the 3 stand is actually present at the festival and encourage people to sign up to contracts if they are winners. If they are not winners, we may still have their details such as their emails or phone numbers for future marketing.

4) People are challenged to give out 3 wristbands and have to take photos of people wearing 3 wristbands which will also be uploaded to Facebook- these ‘ambassadors’ will receive a few months contract free and the people they take pictures of will have professional photos too.

5) ‘Free 3’ wristband. Wristbands are given out to festival goers that cannot be removed. If they wear for the duration of the festival, then they go to their local ‘3’ store and get free data of their choice; calls, texts, internet or a Wi-Fi dongle with internet data on. This means they are wearing it around the festival and promoting ‘3’ and consequently get something when they’re home for doing it.


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