Questionnaire Results

35 respondents were asked 10 questions via email; of which a sample is included in a subsequent post; these are the results.

Just under 68.6% of respondents never listen to Source radio. Of those who listen, just under 73% listen less often than a month and the rest monthly.


The most common answer was that they did not know how to listen (50%). Of the second and third most popular answers, one was a result of miss-communication in that it has not been made obvious to them how to listen and the other of a busy student lifestyle.


In order to establish what people might like to hear or what might make people listen to Source, they were asked what they like to hear on the radio. Just under 68.6% said music is what they like to hear most on the radio. Talk shows and news were equal at just over 17% with chat from presenters voted for least at just under 8.6%. And no-one likes to hear dramas or programmes broadcast.


In this question the respondents could choose multiple answers. The top three choices of music were chart, rock and indie. This suggests that in order to gain more listeners Source should play more indie and rock music as well as chart hits. At just over 9.5% though, dance and rap should also feature on a show.


Nearly 64% said they listen to Source during the afternoon. This is presumably when they are doing coursework and have their web browsers open.


Of those who listen, nearly 82% said the thing they liked most about Source was that it was made by their university. And the other just over 18% said they liked the presenters.


Out of the listeners, it is an equal divide by how those who have got involved did so. People have been involved by supporting the station in technical and by contacting the station via the internet.


There was one more female respondent, showing no difference in listener gender.


The majority of respondents were 20 years old, (48.5%) suggesting that it is second year students that listen to the station. Presumably because first years may not have heard of Source and third years are too busy with coursework.


The most popular faculties that students belong to are Art & Design and Engineering and Computing. Nearly 43% are AD students, presumably because the station is made in their building, thus communication of its existence better. At 40% EC students are the second biggest listeners, possibly as an escape from their intense courses.


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