The ‘Meal Deal’ at point of sale can appear confusing to some customers as they assume the only products in the deal are the ones displayed on the ticket despite the products having stickers and the shelving being colour-coded to inform them further.

A solution to the confusion could be to remove the product images from the ticket and replace with a colour coded sticker system. The main’s could be red stickers, the snacks green stickers and the drinks either black stickers or ‘black bay’ – the shelf tape coloured black.

The ticket could then display that mains are ‘any red stickered product’, the snacks ‘any green stickered product’ and the drinks ‘anything from the black bay’/’any black stickered product’. This would then mean the customer would not have to look at the ticket to see which products were in the deal, but on the shelf to look for appropriately coloured products. Therefore items moved about the shelf would be easily identifiable to the customer.


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