Here is the print draft of the leaflet:

Revisions to be made in accordance with the brief:

There is no ‘as seen on TV’ logo on the JP Chenet wine on the print but the brief says there should be.

The Doritos dips offer continues until the 6th March but the leaflet does not state this.

Unsure if the leaflet should include this, but the three items; Flash, Herbal Essences and Pampers; have a P&G Olympic ticket giveawayon the brief, but this is not written on the print.

Haagen Dazs ice cream and the Thorntons collection box have an ‘as seen on TV’ logo on the print, but not on the brief – should this be there?

The Thorntons offer continues until 17th April, but this is not stated on the print.

Finally, the Co-Operative mandarins are on offer until 6th March, but the print states 14th February.



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