Motorstorm RC

Motorstorm RC is mainly males of a younger age and lower socio-economic group. The main brands that could be used for in-game advertising include; car tyres such as Firestone, Pirelli or Michelin, breakdown services like the AA or RAC, car cleaning products such as Turtle Wax, car stores like Halfords, track days, cars and other car games such as Need For Speed and also budget airlines – low cost travel for lads’ holidays.

Aside from the obvious in-game advertising on the sides of cars and overhead on the track there are other opportunities for advertising. Car tyre brands could be incorporated by the car itself having the tyre brand on it, or the mechanics could be holding the branded tyres ready in case a tyre needs to be changed. A static placement could be a stack of tyres that act as a crash barrier.

Breakdown services could simply be a recovery truck or van parked alongside the track with either the AA or RAC on it. Mechanics could use Turtle Wax to clean the cars whilst they are waiting on the starting grid and in the background whilst you choose which game/track/car to play with.

Halfords could be advertised via a parachute. Whilst the game is in progress and the player is racing around the track, a parachuter could be descending in the sky, and his parachute has Halfords written on it. Track days could be advertised on the pit-stop garages. Above the doors there could be an advert ‘want to drive on this track?’ with a website address telling you how you can do so written underneath it.

Crowd members could be used to advertise other car games by wearing the merchandise for them, such as T-shirts and caps. Budget airlines could be advertised by an aeroplane flying in the sky over the track whilst the player is racing around the track.

Finally, achievements and ‘easter eggs’ could be used in the game. Achievements, such as winning so many races, scoring so many points, lap times could be rewarded with medals and trophies which could then be the Ryan Air Gold Trophy or the Michelin Speed Award. Codes could be put on bottles of Turtle Wax or in track day voucher packs for ‘easter eggs’ which then unlock a new track, location, condition etc.


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