Marketing Plan

‘The distribution structure for aftermarket replacement parts is multi-layered, with parts manufacturers supplying the independent garage trade through wholesalers, distributors in the form of motor factors and to the dealer networks of the vehicle manufacturers’ (Car Aftermarket 2009) with the most important ‘channel are independent garages’ (Car Service and Maintenance Repair 2011), petrol forecourts ‘account for the second largest number of outlets’(Car Service and Maintenance Repair 2011), ‘Franchised dealers are third’(Car Service and Maintenance Repair 2011), and then ‘Car accessory shops and motor factors complete the line-up of channels’ (Car Service and Maintenance Repair 2011).

In light of this, the recommendations for markets to target are; Vauxhall dealers, spares garages and shops, car accessory retailers and car magazines.

Dealers can be targeted via promotional merchandise; this could include pens and fridge magnets; that have the Vauxhall Trade Parts website on. This reminds salesmen in the dealership of the website. The merchandise can also then be distributed when they make a sale to another company, tradesman, fleet owner or taxi firm etc., who can then become a member of the website.

Spares garages and shops can be targeted by using poster material. The poster can be displayed in the reception or shop which again reminds employees of the website, but also customers can notice the poster and remind the employee themselves. It also targets fleet owners or taxi firm as on seeing the poster in the shop they can become a member of the club.

Car accessory retailers such as Halfords can be targeted by an advert on their website. The advert could invite the customer in-store to Halfords so they can check if the part they want is in stock on the Vauxhall website. This enables customers to be made aware of the trade club website on their online search; as most people search on a website before visiting a store; so they ask in Halfords for them to check on the trade website for what they are looking for. This brings them into Halfords who then order them what they were looking for and they hopefully purchase something else in-store whilst on their visit.

Finally, car magazines, for example Auto Trader could be targeted via a press release. The press release that forms the article tells reader in the article that the spare parts they are looking for can be found on the trade website and that they can visit their local Vauxhall dealer, spares garage or Halfords to check their stock.



Car Aftermarket – UK – November 2009. Can be found at:

Car Service and Maintenance Repair – UK – October 2011. Can be found at:


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