When ignoring the laws set against it on Fifa 2012, there are many opportunities for in-game advertising. The main audience for Fifa 2012 are males who enjoy watching and sometimes playing sports. A typical male watching a sports game enjoys beer and takeaways. Someone who plays sports would respond to sportswear brands and sporting events being advertised.

With this in mind, brands that are suited for advertisement could include; Nike, Adidas, beer brands such as Fosters and Carling, Dominos pizza, energy drinks such as Powerade, the 2012 Olympics and sporting charity event Sports Relief.

On presumption that there is already advertising around the pitch and on the players kits, advertising could be placed in the crowd. When a goal is scored the players run towards the crowd in celebration and members of the public are shown, they could be drinking a Fosters or Carling or wearing Adidas or Nike clothing. On this view of the crowd, there could be a Dominos pizza employee handing out free pizza samples and/or leaflets to the spectators.

When the players leave the pitch they could be given drinks and these could be bottles of Powerade. The coach that hands them the drinks could also be wearing Adidas or Nike and give them towels to wipe the sweat away with these brands on too.

Finally, a streaker could run onto the pitch and the security guards that remove him could have clothing that bears the 2012 Olympics logo. The towel or dressing gown they wrap him in could then have the Sports Relief logo on it.


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