The Belgrade Theatre

For my work placement after my first year I chose to work for the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. My placement was in the marketing/communications department. I decided on the theatre because I thought it might be the profession I would like to be in after I graduate. So therefore I wanted to gain knowledge of what working there would be like.

My work experience placement was also both enjoyable and beneficial. In the marketing department at the Belgrade Theatre I worked as part of a team and I felt treated like an employee not just a work experience student. Being welcomed into the team gave me a much richer experience as I experienced what it was like to work in the team. For the six weeks I was there I settled into my own routine and responsibilities as a marketing assistant. In my time there I also witnessed what the other team members; marketing director, marketing manager, marketing officer, press officer and other marketing assistant; did on a daily basis as part of the jobs. I shadowed the other marketing assistant for four weeks and then was the only marketing assistant for week five whilst she went on holiday. In the first four weeks I learnt her responsibilities and in the fifth week I was able to take them on as my own. In my time there, some of the things I learnt about were the marketing materials and how they are organised and displayed front of house. I also assisted in the creation of the direct mailings and e-flyers. At the time I was there the new brochure was being created so I helped on that as well. I also got the chance to learn how the box office worked and completed a shift as a box office assistant.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Belgrade. I was a part of their department there and I liked working as part of a team. I learnt how one person’s responsibilities benefit the work of the whole department. I also enjoyed the week where I got to carry out the duties I had learnt by myself. Being at the Belgrade helped me to work in a team but also to work independently. It also showed me how many different considerations must be taken into account when creating marketing materials for a theatre; accessibility etc. I felt like I grew up whilst I was there and could have quite happily stayed there as an employee.


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