Would you rather be a food critic, a book critic, or a film critic?

I love food, I like books and I really like films. But I don’t think anyone takes much notice of food critics, or book critics. People just tend to find things out for themselves. Everyone has different tastes in both food and books. However people, despite liking different films, seem to listen to film critics. And film critics really annoy me. They judge people’s scriptwriting, directing, acting etc without being able to do it themselves, or most probably, been unsuccessful at doing it themselves. Why do people listen to film critics? They are so arrogant and think their opinion is superior to everyone else’s and that everyone’s should watch what they say. If I were a film critic then I could offer alternative reviews to those pretentious, conceited critics and the geeks-stuck-in-their-bedroom types and give a proper opinion instead of acting as if I hate the world and everyone in it. Besides, if I were a food critic I would gain my own body weight in a week…


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