Selection Event 9th July 2011

On the 9th July I attended a ‘selection event’ for the 2012 Olympic games makers. It consisted of various talks and then an interview. One of the talks was given by people who work in press ops; the department I’ve applied for; already for the Olympics and the way they described the job sounded amazing! I don’t think it matters where in the country I am placed, if I am placed, because it will be a brilliant opportunity wherever I am.

The interview went OK, I think. I am never very good at telling how interviews have gone, but I seemed to answer all the questions well and the interviewer seemed pretty happy with the answers I gave. It’s difficult because I don’t have that much experience in the field, but then again they do need people to work at the bottom, so hopefully. Press Ops is the second biggest department (second to event services) so that is another bonus, and I’ve already beaten 20,000-30,000 other applicants just to get an interview. I feel that I got everything across I wanted to in the interview and I have a wide enough range of experiences to cover what was asked of me, plus I can give across the impression of a bucket-load of enthusiasm!

I really hope I get it, but if not I gave it my best and that’s all I can do.


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