Making the car advert – day six

Date: 30th April 2011

Location: Edit

On looking at the shots I captured during the past five days, I was quite pleased with what had been accomplished. Unfortunately the wind has effected some of the shots but nothing major. The editing had been a smooth process. The only problems came with the track, but it was a problem I am used to so it was no cause for great concern. I even managed to find a new function on my programme, which helped a great deal in editing the last video clip.

 Whilst the videos are good, the photographs are not so. Due to the car park by the beach being quite heavily populated, it waas impossible to find a space on the car park where I could take a photograph without another car being in the shot. This makes me unhappy with the results and they are very difficult to work with. However I will look at them with a fresh perspective tomorrow and hope they work out ok.


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Filed under 201MC (Professional Experience), Coursework from Second Year

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