Making the car advert – day four

 Date: 28th April 2011

Location: Mountain roads around Dyfed and Powys, Wales

Shoot time: 9.30am – 12noon and 1pm – 5pm

Risk assessment form: 28.4.11

The filming began at 9.30am in the mountain roads near Aberystwyth. Throughout the day the filming moved around the roads in both the counties of Dyfed and Powys. The weather began overcast but calm and maintained a cloudy outlook with the wind picking up later in the day. The roads are an isolated location so there are only a few other cars on the roads passing by which makes it the ideal place to film. There were just a couple of people on one section looking at castle remains but they did not get in the way of filming. The roads provide a beautiful backdrop and the gradients of the roads make the travelling car’s journey more interesting.


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