Dancing On Ice 17th April 2011

I saw the Dancing on Ice tour at Birmingham NIA on Sunday 17th. I saw the tour last year at the LG Arena which is an easier venue to get to and slightly smaller so I was a bit annoyed they had moved it to the NIA. However, it didn’t seem any different luckily. The format was still the same but they only had stars from this series of the TV show – apart from Hayley Tammaddon – unlike last year where they had stars from all series. My favourite star was Laura Hamilton and of course Hayley, but to be quite honest I prefer to watch the professionals. I like the second half of the show better; the first half consists of a mini competition like the TV show and the second is where some of the stars from the series perform but mainly it is the professionals; this section is amazing! The tricks and speed the professionals have on the ice is amazing and I love seeing them do what they do best and they get the chance to show off their talents, something they don’t ge tthe chance to very often in the TV series. I think the opening routine lacked something to last year’s- possibly the music choice. It was brilliant though and I love how the audience get the chance to be involved. I missed Fred and Mel Palascak being there as well as Matt Gonazalez and Frankie Poultney but all the professionals that were there were absolutely fantastic! Well worth the cost!


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