Corrie! 23rd March 2011

As a fan of Corrie since I was born, I had to see it. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect; I didn’t know how  the set would portray the iconic street, how good the actors would be at classic characters or how the narrative would even work. However, I loved it! The set worked perfectly; the classic Rovers and pigeons on the roof and there was the alley behind the pub and then a door and staircase just for the purpose of use. I was astonished to learn there were only six cast members (except the narrator), I knew there weren’t many but thought there would be at least 8/10 – they must change ridiculously quickly! It was a look-back in celebration of the past 50 years, so all the classic scenes were there; the first scene of the first ever episode, Stan and Hilda, the mural, Ken finding out about Deirdre’s affair, Mike dying, Alan Bradley and the tram, Gail and Richard Hillman; the list goes on. It was done so cleverly, switching scenes so smoothly especially when it jumped between decades. The actors were amazing, portraying the characters perfectly; costumes, accents, mannerisms. It was just done so well, really clever, a proper homage to the soap itself; the classic characters and the way Corrie does comedy/drama/emotion so well together.


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