Richard III 5th November 2010

Nearly gave me a heart attack at several points.

One of my friends is studying English Literature at uni and by chance Richard III, so for her birthday I took her to see it at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Although before it had even properly begun I wished I had not. It began by twelve men dressed in dirty white with masks over their heads and faces with just big wide circles for eyes holes making their way one by one onto the stage and just standing there whist the music played spookily on. One of the things I am frightened of is people dressed up (when you cannot see their faces), so for me I nearly had a heart attack (#1). It was a good play though, I got a little lost having never read so much as a synopsis on the play (oops!) but it was a less hard-going version than if it had been at the RSC. It was cleverly done and an all-male cast was an interesting twist. The men made rather good women! I see why the men were dressed in the masks when not playing there characters, but it did not stop me have heart attack #2 when in the interval they came and sat/stood/stared at people in the audience. They then acted part of the scene from within the audience which was a clever touch. I t was a really good adaptation, really rather blood-thirsty but it could have done without the scary masks, but that’s just me!


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