Jack and the Beanstalk 6th January 2011

The reason I went to see it? Should be obivous from the above poster really, but if not, the answer’s Ray Quinn!

It was actually really good. Despite the heards of school children. I was not sure what to expect, because the only star in it was Ray and last year at Birmingham there was panto veteran Joe Pasquale, and Ray seemed a to be holding back a little last year. But this year he was so relaxed. It is possibly because you can never be quite sure what Joe will do! But this year, being the lead, Ray was relaxed and got the audience involved. It also goes to show that you should never not see something because there isn’t a star (or only one) that you know in it. The other actors in it were also really good. The princess was played by Ray’s fiancee, who I know from Grease, and the other actors who played the King, the Dame, Simple Simon, the Fairy and the baddie were all un-knowns to me. But the were excellent! The fairy did an impression of somone famous everytime she came on stage and she was so so good at them! The panto encorporated a lot of relevant subjects/people into it (with references) and the songs were so good! Both the dame and simple simon were so funny, if not a tad cheesy – but that’s what its all about, right? Really enjoyed it and the theatre was a lovely place.


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