Blood Brothers 23/10/2010

Absolutely and purely amazing. Loved it.

I studied this play at GCSE Drama so when I heard it was touring and going to the Hippodrome in Birmingham, I jumped at the chance to see it. And I was not disappointed at all. The whole thing was fantastic. It is a musical, but the story is so strong that you barely notice the songs and even a musical hater could forgive the songs. Because they just fit. The songs in it are the equivalent of a long, drawn-out, over acted sililoquy in a Shakespeare play. The songs bring emotion to the play and help you understand the character’s feelings. The story in itself is so strong and it was acted out so brilliantly. The way the narrative moves through time and the men who play the young boys also play them as they grow up really works; on paper it sounds a strange idea but it really does work. I liked how they acted from the audience as well when the riot police came in, it made it more realistic. Nikki Evans I knew from the X Factor and whatever anyone says about the programme, it really has found a star in her. She was fantastic as Mrs Johnstone (the role I played in Drama!) she really can sing. She can also act perfectly, so much so, she cried at the end. A well deserved standing ovation was given at the end.


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