Dirty Dancing 6th August 2010

So, I’m going to start off by saying that I enjoyed the show, but not as much as Grease. Probably because Ray wasn’t in it as much as he should have been (in my opinion haha!) But when he was in it – oh.my.god. A-MA-ZING! His singing was note-perfect and was well worth the wait! To be honest, everytime he came on stage he stole the scene lol! And talk about teasing us! He came on miming in the background or just said a few lines and went off – I was like nooooooooooooo come backkkkkk! Haha! But he was just simply fantastic! And he could easily play the part of Johnny (and be totally less slimy and 100% more believable than who was playing him)

On the overall thing. It was better, with a much stronger story than the film, because I think that’s a bit weak. Although, the actors were none to convincing as their characters; it didn’t seem believable how they went from hate to total love (I know that’s how it happens, but they didn’t play it right). And that Johnny guy playing Johnny was too slimy for my liking! Although, the audience proper loved him :/ But on the whole they were good actors and their dancing was good (Ray could have done it better though :P). The stage set-up I thought was really good, very technical, much more so than anything I’ve seen before; though the screens used for the water/field were a tad cheesy! A good idea though, not sure how else it could have been done. The beginning was the bit I least liked. From seeing the film I managed to work out what was happening, but if you hadn’t seen the film you would have wondered what was going on. It was too bitty for me, there were a lot of scene changes throughout. Totally opposite to Grease, you can name all the scenes from Grease- they all have a point and fit into the show. There were some amazing backing dancers though – I would totally love to do that! Also, I felt that it wasn’t as uplifting and didn’t make you want to engage in it as much as Grease. Right from the beginning of Grease with Vince Fontaine it made you feel part of it and starting with two well-known songs you felt ready to sing-along straight away. Whereas DD you didn’t get that feeling, there was no clapping along or anything, until right at the very end and then you didn’t feel quite ready to join in yet (like for instance, at a panto, the first few shout-outs you’re less willing and not so loud, but by the end you’re shouting loud and laughing loud) so it didn’t leave you with quite such an uplifting feeling as you left the theatre.

But yeah, I sound like I have a downer on it, but I don’t, I did enjoy it, but I think it would have been better if Ray were Johnny 😀 And also, I don’t think it helped having seen Grease first, as that is such an amazing show, nothing will ever compare to it. If I’d seen DD first I would’ve been writing a different review here. And there were most definitely some hardcore DD fans in there! The man next to me knew the dance and the lyrics and cried at the end – bless! All in all, I enjoyed the show 🙂


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