King Lear RSC 5/7/10

Basically, I was none too impressed. Last year I saw The Winter’s Tale at the RSC and was pleasantly surprised in the fact that I actually enjoyed it. This however, was a different matter. I went there wanting to enjoy the production, but as the play progressed; with stranger sets, increased over-acting, a plot I am sure barely related to the original and a running time nearly longer than the London Marathon; I found it more and more difficult to enjoy the play like I had hoped.  It wasn’t as bad as I make out, it is just that after such a long running time, that seemed as if it was being prolonged, it is hard to stay positive. On the whole, the acting was excellent, but at times it seemed a little under-acted or extremely over-acted. The interpretation of the set was a strange one; Lear’s Kingdom seemed medieval and Gloucester’s Edwardian; although after a conversation with my English Literature student friend, it is a possibility that Gloucester was being portrayed as severely more contemporary than Lear. However, I am still not convinced on the large metal shutter that appeared. Also, the plot seemed distinctively more unclear and generally confusing than when I read the script at AS-Level English Lit, I would go as far as to say they actually added some parts in (well maybe not, but it sure seemed that way!) it seemed as if it was stretched out and the plot was not completely clear all of the time. Overall, it was an OK production and certainly the interpretation of the script was not the actor’s fault, but I can’t help taking a slight dislike to the production – afterall, it is three and a half hours of my life I cannot get back.


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  1. And now I feel guilty, it’s a bit harsh :/

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