When Harry Met Sally 4/5/2010

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Having never seen a play on stage before it was a new experience. And after getting past the fact they weren’t going to start singing at any minute as this was not a musical, I really enjoyed it. Sarah Jayne Dunn and Rupert Hill were fantastic as the leads Sally and Harry, even the American accents. The supporting cast were excellent too. I think the fact that there were only six cast members altogether made it better, as you didn’t get confused between who was who. The whole production flowed and the scene changes were perfect. It was all thanks to the promotion of the theatre tour, else I would have never known it was taking place. Due to the main stars Sarah and Rupert promoting their new roles by taking part in television interviews (and mny love of daytime TV) I saw their interview and learnt that the production was taking place. This lead me to book tickets, despite having never seen the original film, all because they promoted the play and presented it as the genre I enjoy watching. It really was a brilliant night out and a brilliant production, despite the fact that even after seeing Girls Aloud in concert, Dancing on Ice live, Grease and Sleeping Beauty at the theatre I am still not used to the fact there are actual people in front of me (more than likely due to the extensive amount of television and cinema we now emerse ourselves in). Furthermore it secured my idea that I would like to work in theatre promotion (advertising/marketing). I too will be able to be part of intorducing and re-enforcing people’s love of the theatre.


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