Run Papa Run

This film I found to be most like that of a USA or UK film. It was similar to many independent gangster films such as ‘Sexy Beast’, ’The Business’ and ‘Goodfellas’. It had all the conventions of a typical gangster film; quick editing, hand-held cameras, flashbacks and a narrator. It portrayed the conventional ‘rise and fall of the gangster’. As it followed the typical narrative structure, it was easy to follow and really resembled a typical gangster film. The flashbacks help the narrative move forward and gives the narrative a sense of closure when it all comes together at the end. The mix of slick editing and clean-cut camera work mixed with hand-held cameras worked well, keeping it varied. The fact that the narrative stretched over a long period of time gave it time to develop and for the characters to show development. All in all, it was an enjoyable film as it was similar to films of the same genre from UK and America and it was surprising to learn it had not been sold to any international countries.


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