Dancing On Ice 27/4/10 & 2/5/10

On 27th April 2010, I went to see Dancing on Ice the live tour at Nottingham Arena. I went for many reasons; the first being Ray Quinn and Fred Palascak! I also went because I love the show on TV and wanted to see after buying the previous tour DVD’s how it transferred into a live show and if it was as good as on the DVD. The final reason, was because Torvill and Dean originate from Nottingham, so it was their hometown. I was not disappointed. The whole atmosphere was fantastic and the skating amazing. The show is divided into two halves, the first similar to the television show, but the second half is brilliant as it includes the professionals skating both with and without the celebrities. This gives you a chance to see how amazing the professionals are, in particular Fred & Melanie Palascak. The celebrities perform their favourite routines from the TV series along with some new ones and Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean perform and they are truly fantastic. The whole show was amazing and the only disappointing part was not getting to see Ray Quinn skate Bolero.

Photos: http://www.facebook.com/amberneat.91?ref=profile#!/album.php?aid=2061892&id=1153591252


Professionals performing –

Ray & Alexandra –

I actually enjoyed it so much that I went to see it a second time at Birmingham on 2nd May 2010! Which was even more fantastic. The seats were front row and so ridiculously close the the skaters. Their speed over the ice made it impossible to take photographs and you could even hear the blades on the ice. The atmosphere was electric and every single performance amazing. I must admit the best part for me though was shaking Ray Quinn’s hand at the end! An amazing afternoon.

Photos 2/5/10: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/album.php?aid=2062517&id=1153591252


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