Cadbury World 22/4/10

On 22nd April 2010, me, Carley Bartlett, Chris Thornton and Beth Hamer went to Cadbury World. Went to see how such an iconic brand/company had developed and how it works now and in particular we went to see the advertising section.



After the talk we had in our lecture from Dave Pegg and after Cadbury featuring so highly in the advertising museum in London, we felt we had to visit Cadbury itself to find out more. There it gives a complete history of the company, who ran/runs the company, how it the chocolate is made and how the making of it has developed. There is also, most importantly for us, an advertising section, showing adverts from past and present and a pretty amazing working model version of the famous gorilla advert (see bottom of the page). From an advertising/marketing point of view, it is interesting to see how the company developed over the years. They promoted themselves to workers by giving them superior working and living conditions, something that promoted their image as a company. They started off with very simple marketing ideas, using bright and extravagant shop windows to attract their customers. Then, years later they began advertising and this has progressed in so many ways. The adverts have moved on from the jingles and gimics, to focusing on the company image and product content. But most predominantly, creating adverts people will remember. Now Cadbury creates a talking point, their adverts create a buzz, most probably why there is a working model as people still love this advert and it is probably one of their most famous and successful. They also use so much more technology in their adverts compared to earlier adverts, reflecting the changes in media and audience expectations. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day to learn about Cadbury as a company, re-live and re-visit the adverts and of course, the free chocolate!!/video/video.php?v=1426191532149


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