Week Four. Individual Task

The categories of a target audience or social economic groups are as follows:

(i) A/Bs – Top management, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals. Also Middle management, teachers, many ‘creatives’ eg graphic designers etc.

(ii) C1/C2s –  Office supervisors, junior managers, nurses, specialist clerical staff etc. And Skilled workers, tradespersons (white collar)

(iii) D/Es –  Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers (blue collar). And Unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers.

I also found these statistics of how the population is made up of these groups: http://www.businessballs.com/demographicsclassifications.htm

For each of the items in my Cabinet of Curiosities I have selected a group I think they target:

The Inbetweeners – I think that this would be targeted at group E and possibly group D. This is because of the genre and content; it is set in a school, which some of group E can relate to and also some of group D may not long be out of school, would be able to relate to it. The type of comedy also suggests groups E and D as the comedy is typical schoolboy humour. Also, as it is on Channel 4.

Look magazine – I think this would appeal to groups D and E on the basis that the magazine contains aspirational people and lifestlye. It would also appeal to group C1 and possibly even B, as it is a fashion magazine and these are people with more disposable income.

Grease (the musical) – Honestly, I believe this would apply to all groups. Possibly more to C1 and B, but really to all. As most people can get to the theatre and the musical is about going along to have a good time, which appeals to everyone. Also, most people have seen the film version.

Cutting It – I think this is targeted at groups C1 and B, as it is escapism and because it is on the BBC. Also maybe group E, as the strong female characters might be aspirational.

The Wire – I think this is targeted at A, B and C1. It is complex in narrative, character and structure. Other groups may lose interest because not much happens and the narrative is not resolved in one episode. There are also no particulalr aspirational characters.

Lord of the Rings – I think this is targeted at groups C1 to E. It is escapism as it is a fantasy film and I think that appeals to groups C1, C2, D and E.

Closer magazine – I think this appeals to groups D, E and possibly C2. This is because it is mainly a gossip and celebrity magazine. The celebrities are aspirational to those groups and they enjoy the gossip and real life stories.


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