Week Five. Group Task.

After we’d all completed the individual tasks we got together as a group to discuss our thoughts. Me and Sam both did objects from our cabinets with a similar audience, and we both came up with similar negative effects; that our objects could make a vulnerable audience think and do things they wouldn’t normally and didn’t want to, because of the aspirational celebrities contained in the objects. The lads also chose media objects with similar audiences and came up with similar negative effects on a vulnerbale audience. Like us, they also thought their objects might lead an audience to do things they wouldn’t normally do, however theirs were more serious effects as they included violent crime. This also would have a greater effect on society in general than our effects.

However, despite these things, we came to the conclusion that it is individual audience members that create these negative effects, as everyone reacts to a media object differently. We said that the audience in general is no longer a passive audience, the hypodermic needle model does no longer apply, as there is no longer a passive, mass audience. We said that now the audience is more active, the two-step flow theory applies. The audience is also influenced by other things than just the media text itself, there are other factors that blur the meaning of the text and the effect it has upon an audience member. We said that the effects of a media text is down to an individual and the way they choose to let it affect them. Also, we conlcuded that there will always be extreme exceptions to the rule, the people who do what they see.


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