The Grudge- Old Lady In White

For starters, I don’t know why I was there because I hate horror films- they scare me half to death! Even writing the title makes me scared! But it was good though, what I saw of it out of the corner of my eye haha! But seriously, it was good. I liked the way they had gone back to their original Jouen style, you could tell it was produced simply but it worked. They had the typical tense music and a scary face; what you would expect of the horror genre; but combined it really was scary. I liked the way they did little scary scenes and it made you wonder whether this was all it was, just a selection of jumpy scenes because they didn’t seem to make much sense together at first. But then at the end they all came together. It was a little weird with the talking head in the bag, that made it less realistic- not that horror films are realistic, but you always can think that maybe it might happen if you’re really unlucky- so it was better for me as someone who isn’t a fan of the genre, that it was less plausible as a real-life scenario. I liked the way it wasn’t too lengthy and that it made you jump all the way through, because some horror films are dragged out and you don’t get scared till the end, which makes it worse, as the tension builds and you think something is going to happen every second- whereas this didn’t, it was kept short and to the point and didn’t build up tension all the way through. I really did quite like it, it definitely did it’s job anyway in scaring me.


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