The Brits 2010

After watching it last night I felt I needed to write about it as a media piece. I’ve watched the Brits for many years, but this year I found it such a strange programme to watch. It seemed disjointed, which could be due to the audio being constantly muted. It was probably because it was live and live television often doesn’t make very comfortable or easy viewing at all, but especially last night, as it seemed un-rehearsed. Critics suggested it was because it is live and in the huge venue the audience cannot hear and do not listen properly, so don’t laugh at the jokes or applaud at the correct times. But I  really think it makes for uncomfortable viewing and it is about time the pre-recorded it. Peter Kay made quite a good presenter, but even he couldn’t smooth over the cracks in the gallery- he had late cues back from commercial breaks and the VT’s were not smoothly placed in. If they were to pre-record it, it would be smoother and they could edit out things that the celebrities said instead of muting the audio and they could edit out people going the wrong way, gaps and delays etc. I know then though, that it wouldn’t have the controversy that the Brits is infamous for, but it would be much easier to watch at home. At the moment and in particular last night, it didn’t seem to focus on the actual awards for some reason, but more on the speeches and not really either on the performances. There were also problems with audios and ear pieces as well as the VT’s, which for such an organisation as the Brits and ITV I find slightly unacceptable. In particular Cheryl Cole’s (who I found almost unrecognisable, despite being a huge Girls Aloud fan, probably due to the amount of airbrushed photographs in magazines- but that is a whole other debate) performance was out of sync, which I found completely unfair to her as simply doing that performance was hard enough for her. Compared to other awards shows such as the BAFTA’s, Oscars, and various ’soap awards’, it seemed almost amateur. If they pre-recorded the Brits, it could reach the standard of the other award shows.


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