Lecture from John Berra 3/2/2010 for CUEAFS

I found it really interesting learning about the Japansese film industry. I didn’t realise how long there had been a Japanese film industry and how popular the films are in Japan. Most of the highest-grossing films are Japanese rather than international Hollywood films. It surprised me as well how many of the films are part of franchises; a lot are made from TV series; and a lot are part of trilogies, or more sometimes -12 or 13. In the UK and USA, sequels usually aren’t as successful as the original film, so it’s surprised me how well the sequels of Japanese films do. It also suprised me how many of the films are Manga or based on Manga, I imagined Manga to be a niche market, but it is very much a part of the mainstream. Japanese films also have a very clear split between mainstream/independent films. It is fairly similar to the UK and USA, as our films are quite split between mainstream and independent, however some independent films do make the “big time” here, whereas in Japanese cinema it is a very distinct division. It was interesting to learn that the Japanese film industry also had a “new wave”, similar to ours. I thought that one distinct difference between our film industry and the Japanese though, was the political control exerted over films that are allowed to be shown in the cinemas there; how a film can be pulled if they content shows even a slight varitation to what it should in regards to politics. But all in all, I learnt that there are many similarities between our film industry and the Japanese, I really did not realise how much a part of mainstream society films were for Japan and how much the Japanese really spent in visiting the cinema.


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