Week One. After the seminar 8/10/09

During the seminar we discussed each group’s cabinets. Some of the groups had similarities between the items the group members had included in their cabinets. Another group had similar items, except for a few obsurities. However, one group was similar to ours; they seemed to have a male/female divide. We found in our group that the boys were more music and film orientated and more likely to have non-mainstream items in their cabinets, where the girls preferred mainstream media.

We also discussed the hyperdermic needle theory and how it is difficult to see how it applies now. We also discussed uses and gratifications theory. And finally encoding and decoding; and preferred, negotiated and oppositional readings of media texts.

In conclusion: we found that everyone was individual in their media preferences, yet still had simialr items in their Cabinet of Curiosities. Also, we found that  on the whole we need to explore a wider range of genre of media and we need to find out how and where we can do this


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