72 Hour Challenge – The Process


Initially, as everyone more than likely was, we were stuck for ideas. Then after a few suggestions we came up with something and we adapted it slightly and we were all pretty happy with it. However, individually we all thought about the idea overnight and as a group we agreed it wasn’t quite right. So we seemed to have two versions of the original idea, and it was as if we were against each other so we decided to completely change what we were doing. We decided on an advert that seems like a film/music video as it combined all of the things we like as a group.

Group work

As a group we work well. Like I said, we seemed to have conflicting ideas and it seemed like we were competing over the two ideas, so we decided to completely change what we were doing so that it would not split the group. After we decided on a new idea that combined all our interests we were back to working as we have done in the past weeks, as a proper group, all enthusiastic and interested in the task. We all tried not to let our own interests influence us too much and we all compromised to come to a group conclusion. I think that we are all really different personalities but we fit together well when we try.


As I said, we had a conflict of ideas but we solved it by scrapping both ideas and combining our interests. However, I feel that it is really difficult to come to a group idea when we are all studying different media forms; in our group I’m doing advertising but we also have Media Production and CCM students. I think that we all have really different idea as to what we want from a media piece and what a media piece should look like, mean etc. I think this makes it really difficult to come to a group decision as we all are really different in our approaches to media. But I think we arrived at a good compromise as a group.

Media Production Process

I already knew that producing a piece is difficult, especially in a  group when everyone has different ideas. I already knew how difficult it is to produce a media piece; trying to get enough footage and the right footage and editing it on time. But I learnt that it also can be really fun when you get a good idea, one that you’re enthusiastic about and when you’re working with a good group. During this process I learnt about myself that I can compromise and mediate more than I thought.


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