‘Achilles and the Tortoise’

I’m not sure about the film, it was easy to understand and followed a similar structure to our films (unlike ‘Old Lady In White’) but it didn’t seem to resolve as such. The narrative structure meant that it had the traditional equilibrium-dis equilibrium- new equilibrium and a love story- albeit was minor- but the actually plot didn’t seem to resolve. There was the new equilibrium in the his wife took him back in the end; but there was no traditional Hollywood happy ending, as he didn’t make it as an artist; but the plot didn’t seem to link with the cartoon at the beginning about achilles and the tortoise at first. However (and I am only just realising this now), when thinking about it metaphorically, linking the chasing of the tortoise with his chasing of his dream to be an artist, it works, because achilles can never catch the tortoise and he never caught up with his dream of being an artist because he never got there, he never “made it”.  Now, I take back my “not so sure about the film”, I actually think it was really clever. I like how it used a traditional fable/folk tale to link to the film’s plot. I think it worked really well, and it also used traditional narrative structures, which made it easy to follow and much more mainstream than the horror film.


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