Advert from the lecture 5/10/09

I think that this advert is definitely on the edge, but I don’t think it should have been banned from being aired. I think it leaves an impact on the audience. It almost seems like a trailer at the beginning, especially because Keira Knightley is used. I think that you have to think for a moment what you just saw when it ends. This makes it really effective. Even for passive audience members who don’t understand it at first, it would leave them thinking about it, leaving it at the forefront of their minds, meaning it impacts on them more when they realise the message of the advert. I think that if it is shown post-watershed and possibly with a logo saying ‘this is an advertisement’ in the top corner, it would make a very effective advert for women’s aid. I can see why it was banned though, to a passive audience member it would seem shocking, but to an active audience, it can be understood and seen as an effective advert

I think this advert is very effective in the same way. It uses familiar faces and leaves the audience thinking about what the message is. Myself, I didn’t realise the idea behind the different voices till I viewed it a second time.


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